What our candidates have to say about Adrian...

  • “Overall I very happy with my experience.” - DM

Contract Consultant

Adrian Broadhead

Job Title: Contract Recruitment Consultant

Team: Aerospace and Land


One thing you bring to your role:

I bring Defence experience. I was in uniform for nearly 12 years. I understand the industry, what the end result means to the users on the ground. I’ve taken my military experience and apply the planning and processes taught to me and apply them to the way I recruit for my Defence clients. I ensure I place the right person for the role with the right technical experience and cultural fit.


What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue and why?

Mountain Climbing. I would love to travel the world climbing the highest, challenging and dangerous peaks in the world. I want to go to places few people ever have and say at the end of it all, “I did and saw some pretty awesome stuff.”

It’s always been a goal to get to Mount Everest…one day!


What tip would you give someone looking to join the defence industry?

I think, know the industry. Defence is unlike any industry in Australia. You need to have a passion for it and delivering strategic and high-tech capability. Defence projects are large and complex and often take years to complete. If you have the skills and ambition, you will definitely have a long and rewarding career.


What is the best question a candidate can ask an employer?

In the contracting world, you are being brought on to a project because you have specific skills and experience. I believe one of the main questions you should be asking a potential employer at an interview is...

“By the end of the contract engagement, what is it exactly you want me to deliver and what friction points are you and the project facing?” 

This will set expectations for both the candidate and employer by letting the candidate understand the problems being faced and if they can solve them. It will also demonstrate to the employer that you are forward thinking, proactive and already wanting to create solutions to their problems.