Delivery Manager

Divya Mehta

Job Title: Delivery Manager

Industry/Sector: Defence - ICT

What’s worth spending more on to get the best? Why?

I believe that the best thing to spend on is your kids (future generation). And by spending I mean spending time with them. They are what our future would look like and to ensure that our future is secure and in good hands, we have got to invest our time with them now!

How would you describe the culture of the defence industry?

I think that the Defence industry culture is quite old school. It’s a small niche circle where people are well connected. You have got to build trust and relationship with people here and never rush. Having said that, it is one of the most professional and disciplined sectors to work with where people stick to their commitments.

What is the best question a candidate can ask an employer? Why? 

In these tough times, the most important question that a candidate should ask their potential employer is how they managed/are managing through the COVID period especially the year 2020. The way the companies handled this period, talks a lot about their character and their ability to handle tough situations. It would help the candidate decide if the potential employer is indeed a suitable one or not to work with.