Talent Manager

Kelly Foxwell

Job Title: Talent Manager

Industry/Sector: Defence

One thing you bring to your role: Sincerity.

What are the biggest challenges of the (Defence/Engineering/Cyber) industry? 

The biggest challenge is the requirement for security cleared Defence candidates in an industry where the need for transferable skills is in high and competitive demand.

What question do you always ask a candidate, and why? 

What is your ideal role? What would be the next step for you in your career? If you are not going into the right role with the ability to grow your career, it won’t be long before you are feeling unsatisfied.


What is something you will NEVER do again, and why?

Drinking a Beetroot and Ginger health shake just because my daughters said “Come on Mum, It’s good for you.” It was vile but I had to drink it as I didn’t want to offend the lovely lady at the health store. My daughters thought it was hilarious.