Talent Manager

Kylie Doon

Job Title: Talent Manager

Team: Defence

One thing you bring to your role:

Enthusiasm. If I do my job right, everyone wins!


What one industry changes do you think will affect the workforce of the future?

It is a super exciting time to be a woman working in the defence industry. The mainstreaming of a gender perspective across the full spectrum of military operations and commitments means we can all work in pursuit of equality, peace and security for all Australians. #propelher

What question do you always ask a candidate, and why?  

What would your referees say about you? What your referees say about you is a great reality check. Referees should be your mentors, they should be more senior to you and be cheering for your success. These relationships are important because it’s easier to believe what someone else says about you compared to what you say about yourself.

What is something you will NEVER do again, and why?

Operate an excavator. I was ok at operating the bucket but I freaked out when they asked me to move the thing to a different location. Let’s just say a lack of spatial awareness and vertigo are not conducive to mining operations.