Melanie Lo

What our candidates have to say about Melanie...

  • "Always great service from Mel. No feedback for improvement have always enjoyed interacting with Mel."
  • "Not much to be honest. Melanie has been awesome and was always so positive. Very easy to talk too and understood my needs as well as the customers. Highly recommend 👌"- Troy S
Talent Manager

Melanie Lo

Job Title: Talent Manager

Industry/Sector: Defence - Land/Aero

One thing I bring to the role.

Happy go lucky personality, I love to chat. And every good company needs a true to word Gemini.

What fictional place would you most like to go.

This is a hard one! I would like to go to so many places. I mean the Star Wars universe would be pretty cool I would totally be friends with wicket, or I could go through a wardrobe and go to Narnia, or go to Fantastica and meet Falkor the luck dragon. There are so many options I honestly could not pick just one.

What is the best thing about working in the Defence Industry?

Being Ex- Uniform I’m constantly seeing another side of the Defence I had never seen before, I now understand the full life cycle, the scale of the defence projects is just mind blowing. I mean I get to have conversations on the daily about ground breaking new technologies being built here in Australia.  

Inyour opinion, what would make a candidate stand out? 

A quick summary on how they are the best applicant for the job, short punchy statements straight to the point. And bullet points! I really enjoy a good resume full of bullet points.