Operations Coordinator

Sonia Sanjiven

Job Title: Operations Coordinator

One thing you bring to your role: Buoyancy

What fictional place would you most like to go to and why?

The magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. Not just Hogwarts, the whole magical dimension. Why? Magic.

What is your favourite thing about operations? Why?

I always look for and appreciate opportunities to streamline and simplify processes, with the main objective of saving everyone time and brainpower.

If something genuinely seems as straightforward as it can be, it often means that people are very slightly more willing to learn and action new processes correctly.

What's your top tip for settling into a new role?

Make a concerted effort to speak to as many people in the company as you can, even if it’s greeting someone you haven’t been introduced to before or who may not be in the same department as you. The more comfortable you feel approaching people, and vice-versa, the more quickly and