Talent Manager

Steve Hutcheson

Job Title: Talent Manager

Industry/Sector: Engineering and Defence


One thing you bring to your role: An open mind and a willingness to embrace the unexpected.


What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue and why?

The piano! I am trying to teach myself now with the help of some online courses and friends but if time and money weren’t an issue I’m sure I could get some left and right hand coordination!


What is the best thing about working in the Engineering Industry? Why?

Being well placed to see and hear about a lot of the exciting technological advancements happening at such a fast pace in the world today. Engineering involves many cool developments and some really interesting applications and I love when I can learn more about them. I think it reminds me of building my Lego Technic models and marvelling at how it all works!


What are the three main things you look at in a resume? 

A brief personal summary that tells me about who you are, a job history that highlights your achievements and dates! A job history without dates, or presenting vague and overlapping dates, just looks like you are trying to hide something. Honesty is always the best policy.