How Do You Look for a New Job? (Without Using Seek)

By Kinexus on 16 August 2016

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You have just made the decision to start looking for a new job. I’m not going to ask you why, just congratulate you on making the decision and give you some guidance on where you can look for your dream job.

There are many different places that you can find your next job, but much will depend on your available time, existing networks and knowledge of your industry. Here are some methods most people can use.

Advertising/Job Boards
This is probably the most obvious; so we will start here. Going online is the first place that people will head these days, but don’t forget the local paper or industry section of a national paper. Print advertising is not dead, particularly for more senior roles or roles in regional locations.

The second place to look is online job boards. These range from behemoths like Seek, through to niche industry or region specific sites. Biggest isn’t always best, as you run the risk of missing that gem in the sheer volume of advertisements. I would, however, recommend setting up alerts so you get notifications of new roles as they come online. Take note of the companies who seem to be advertising the most in your field, as this may give you some tips for later on.

Recruitment Agencies
For various reasons, recruitment agencies don’t always advertise all the jobs they are working on. A specialist agency should have access to roles that aren’t being advertised, or at least know of the types of roles that are coming up. About half of the people that specialist recruitment agencies find work for are people who have had the initiative to call up and say ‘hey, I’ve got good skills, and I’m looking for work’.

Company Websites
If there is a particular company you would like to work for? Check out their website. Like recruitment agencies, not all companies advertise all of their roles on job boards.

Now, this can be a tricky one. Firstly, how confident are you that friends and current/former colleagues will treat your enquiry with the discretion it deserves? If you trust them, then I recommend at least using them as a sounding board on where you may find your next role. However, be aware that asking them to handle your application does come with some dangers (see my previous blog on this topic).

Some of the Rest
The above avenues are the most often used, but there are also many other networks and methods you can use to find a job. Some will depend on your existing experience and networks, but include:

  • Alumni/ professional associations – Former teachers, mentors, industry figures.
  • Social Media – Make sure that your various profiles are up to date/ appropriate, and the job may find you. You can use these platforms to view company’s current roles or to start a conversation with prospective hiring managers or industry professional.
  • Cold Calling – Just turning up or calling may be appropriate.

The search for a new job can be a rewarding experience. Be patient and spend the time – you’ll then stand to sniff out your dream job!

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