It doesn’t matter what the scale of the job is: we’ve got you.

We take the grunt work out of looking for talent and match the best people to your roles.

Defence and Engineering workforces are made up of people with particular skill sets, and no one knows them like we do. Sure, we offer recruitment solutions, but lately, we’ve been doing so much more.

We get that reputation is currency, and building a team comes down to data and relationships. With our industry experience and critical knowledge, you can manage risk and gain a competitive advantage.

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So why choose us?

  • Not a big corporate – With no red tape to hold us back, we always put service before profit.

  • Sector expertise – Our team is made up of people from the same background as the industries we recruit for. Not only do we understand the Defence and Engineering sectors, we care about getting it right.

  • Intel – We have over 30,000 conversations every year. We collect the intel, gather the data, and draw our insights. That’s why our advice on business planning and hiring is so good – because no one else knows what we know.

  • Tailored partnerships – No two businesses are the same or have the same requirements. We provide tailored solutions that are super flexible and align them to your business needs.

  • We're homegrown – We keep it local; 100%-Australian owned.

Client Services

Permanent Recruitment

This is our bread and butter. Permanent recruitment is what we do every day – and we do it better than most because we invest in our people.

Our team of recruitment consultants are the cream of the crop - industry experts, well-connected with unparalleled experience, and passionate about what they do.​

Our familiarity with industry talent, as well as our well-maintained network, enables us to find the ideal person for each and every role.

Reputation and trust are our currency, so much so that our clients have access to off-market talent, and our candidates are put forward for opportunities no one else gets close to.

​All that, combined with our 18 years’ professional experience in recruitment, people management, communications, intel gathering, knowledge management and systems. That’s a winning formula.

Advisory Services

Kinexus are known as the “go-to” guys for intel.

Our clients understand we have a depth and breadth of knowledge that can help them to plan, de-risk their business process, and provide insights that will give them the edge they need to get ahead.

On a consulting basis, we can advise on:

- HR processes and practice set-up 
- Workforce planning and insights
- Bid support
- Industry Benchmarking
- Entering specialist markets
…and much more

Be ahead of the game. Contact Kinexus to discuss how we can improve your competitive advantage.

Research Capability

We keep telling you we’ve got the intel, but how do we get it? We do research. Lots of it.

We have a dedicated research team who work closely with our specialist consultants. We gather, analyse, document, and compile masses of data into digestible and relevant insights that our clients can use to plan and de-risk their own decision making.

We have invested heavily in technology that helps us capture and communicate this data, allowing us to provide excellent intel around:

- Market mapping
- Market testing
- Supply and demand insight and forecasting
- Demographics
- Workforce intentions and expectations
- Salary data
- Employer Value Proposition

Whatever you need to know, Kinexus has the intel and can deploy it to your advantage.

Project Services

Building the right team can take time and effort. Let us take this off your hands so you can focus on your core business.

Kinexus’ Project Service can take the pressure off your internal people, freeing them up to focus on the work you need them to be doing. We guarantee outcomes, including access to the best talent and providing candidates with a better and more consistent experience of clients' recruitment process.

Our Project Service includes:
- Scoping workshop before commencement
- Workforce planning
- Detailed implementation plan
- A dedicated project team including a project manager and account manager
- Flexibility for recruitment services to run off-site or in location
- Market intelligence
- Communicating the opportunity to candidates to help drive interest in the project
...all overseen with complete transparency through regular review meetings and campaign reporting.

We find the right people for your team and build a workforce more efficiently across both permanent and contractor-based projects.​

Contract Recruitment

Having access to a contract workforce requires mutual trust and shared goals.

Our team of contractors are always on the lookout for quality roles with the right companies, for projects that suit their skill set. They want personal and professional growth, as well as stability. They want a great working relationship. They want an advocate who has their back.

Our client community are looking for the same. They also want the best workforce, so they can get on with their business. They want to be connected to the right people. A low risk, easy process with a lightning-fast turnaround.

Whether it’s a role for one day or for a two-year project, Kinexus will get the fit right. It’s a three-way partnership, and Kinexus is the glue. 


Skilled candidates know they are in demand; they can afford to be picky with their options. Conducting an effective interview gives you the upper hand when assessing and attracting the right talent.

The interview is your first impression. If you don’t get this right, you could be losing out on the best talent for your role.

Kinexus offers a two-hour training session designed to give hiring managers and HR professionals the ability to conduct effective interviews, as well as an understanding of the importance of long term talent acquisition and retention.

Interview Training for Hiring Managers will take you through:

- The Australian market & candidate expectations
- Why is interviewing important?
- Legal responsibilities
- How to prepare for the interview
- How to conduct an interview
- Post-interview analysis and feedback
…and all the curveballs and bumps in the road you might come across throughout the process.

Put yourself in the driving seat at this essential stage of the recruitment process.


Sometimes you need more than standard recruitment services.

If you find yourself suddenly needing to grow your workforce, fully outsource your recruitment capability, or seeking specialist knowledge to add to an existing team, you might find that our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering is the perfect solution. 

Kinexus’ RPOs are designed to deliver long-standing, bespoke business arrangements, and can be tailored to your needs. Whatever the process, you can count on Kinexus to have the people, knowledge and intel to back you.  

To find out more about our proven track record in client-focused solutions, give us a call and speak to our projects team. A Kinexus-built RPO might be just the thing you need to future-proof your recruitment strategy.