The Star Method

By Kinexus on 16 August 2016


You may have heard recruiters or professionals talk about the interview technique called the STAR Method.

STAR = Situation, Task, Action, Result
It can sometimes be difficult to articulate your achievements on paper or in an interview. The STAR method offers you a way to logically communicate your achievements when you are on the spot in an interview.

When asked a question follow the following steps in reply:

Give a quick outline of the circumstances you were in.
Example: The accident rate during the last set of field exercises was too high

Outline what you had to do.
Example: You were tasked to reduce the accident rate but still provide realistic training for the troops

Outline what you did Example: You set up a team to review initial training and the currency of instructors and the documentation upon which their lessons are based

Describe the outcome of the action
Example: During proceeding exercises, the accident rate was reduced 50% and the unit was awarded a commendation for efficiency in the field

You may also hear this method referred to as behavioural interviewing.
It is one method you may wish to employ in highlighting your achievements to a potential employer.

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