When is it Time to Look for a New Role?

By Kinexus on 16 August 2016

When Is It Time To Look For A New Role

If you’re thinking about looking for a new job, you need to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Looking for a new job can be a stressful and complicated experience when you are not used to doing it regularly, and let’s face it, most people aren’t.
Start by asking yourself the following questions to help determine if you’re ready for a move.

Am I stimulated with the work I do?
If you are finding the role mundane and monotonous and you are not getting that feel good factor, it may be time for a change.  Although don’t be hasty, the change you desire could be there within your current company.

Do I enjoy what I do?
List the pros and cons of the role you are in, if the list of cons outweigh the pro’s then it is pretty likely you need to get your CV ready.

Do I get on with my team?
Working with people you get on with is a vitally important part of work, if you find yourself talking negatively about a team member or members you need to do something about it.  The negative impact team members can have on you also impacts the work you are delivering.  This can often be resolved through communication and personal development, but if your quality of work and job satisfaction continues to decline, it might be time to find a new team.

Does my boss value the work I do?
Managers / Team Leaders / Directors often get caught up in the work they do so much that they don’t realise the negative impact they have on their team members if they don’t show them the appreciation they deserve.  A simple question of how am I doing can get around this or regular catch ups and feedback sessions can be great to know you’re on the right track. If this still doesn’t work you might be best finding a boss who does value you.

Is the company moving in the right direction?
Scare mongering and media stories can impact the decision of an employee to stay or go, you’ll generally get a feeling as to whether the company is in a good or bad position by some of the decisions that are made to cut costs.  Your gut feel is usually right. If you decide that the direction the company is heading no longer fits into your values or a reshuffle doesn’t align with your career goals then it might be worth pre-empting the inevitable.

Did your dream job just become available?
It happens!  Say no more.

You’ll have ups and downs at work and bad days and even weeks. This is by no means a definitive list and there are many more reasons for and against looking for a new role, but taking the time to ask yourself the above before jumping ship is a good idea. It is also a good idea to explore internal options, speak to your manager, your peers, and your directors to get a feel for what is happening before making what is likely to be a very important decision in your life.

Once you have made the decision to move things become more complex and you then have to decide what jobs to apply for, what recruitment agent to use, how you should update your CV and your LinkedIn profile?  It becomes a full time job in its own right, so prepare yourself for some hard work to land that next exciting challenge.

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