You've Been Fired. Now What?

By Kinexus on 16 August 2016

You’ve Been Fired

The worst has happened: you’ve been fired. You may be feeling lost and hopeless, you may feel like it’s the end of the world; but really, it’s just a setback that many people have been through and come out the other side stronger.

Here are some practical ways that you can get back on your feet and move on from such an experience.

Leave on Good Terms
I was recently the lucky recipient of 3kg of Wagyu beef at wholesale price, thanks to someone in my football team who owns a wholesale meat business. Unfortunately, he had some performance issues with the manager running the business for him, so he let him go. In return, this managers parting gift was to order $50k of Wagyu beef, knowing it would arrive after he left! This kind of reaction is never a wise move, most industries are smaller than you think and your paths are always likely to cross again. If not with your direct boss, certainly with someone in the company who will remember how you dealt with this situation. No matter the circumstances, always leave on good terms with your reputation intact!

Take Some Time Out
How do you feel? Chances are you will go through a number of emotions and feelings: anger, hurt, sadness, blame, feeling wronged. Whatever you feel, let it happen and accept that you aren’t going to feel great after something like this. This is important because if you take any of these feelings forward with you during your new job search, they are likely to come through at interview and potentially harm your chances of getting your next job.

What Went Wrong
Once you have dealt with the emotional side, take a logical look at what went wrong and why you were let go. The key here is being open and honest with yourself, and most importantly; ensure that you learn a lesson from this and prevent the same thing from happening again.

Start Again
Now you have given yourself time to get past the emotional side you will be able to make a clear, rational decision on what’s next. You may love what you do and know what’s next. You may even know who you will send your resume to. Using existing relationships within your network is a good idea; just don’t let your pride stop you picking up the phone. Or, it may be time to go in a completely different direction and start exploring new options.

Keep busy and stay in a routine that allows you to stay focused and active in your new job search. I would even recommend having at least two or three days a week where you make plans and leave the house at 8.00am for a normal working day.

When it comes to discussing your reasons for leaving with a potential employer, be honest and keep it simple.

Whatever is next, take the lessons learned from this experience, use it in a positive way and keep looking forward. Chances are, you may even be feeling relieved and like a weight has been lifted. This could be the exact change you needed; this is your new beginning.

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