5 Reasons to Work in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 17 August 2017

5 Reasons To  Work In Di

If you have ever considered a career in Defence Industry, now is the ideal time to take the plunge. Defence Industry is currently starting its largest evolution since the Second World War. Recent initiatives outlined in the Defence White Paper all aim to make the industry more sustainable, innovative and technologically advanced. The people employed in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Australian Public Service (APS) and industry organisation’s that collaborate with the Commonwealth are going to be increasingly vital to the delivery of projects aimed at fulfilling the countries best interests. In order to do this, the industry will need to grow now and in coming years, opening up opportunities in all levels of employment.

Investing in a career in Defence Industry has many upsides, with the industry boasting significant positives such as:

Being well funded

There are billions of dollars being invested into industry currently and on future projects. The 2016-17 yearly budget is currently $32.5 billion, with this set to increase to $58.7 billion within the next decade.

Long term prospects

Defence Industry is not going to slow down anytime soon. Projects and budgets are always on a long-term scale, with Government commitment of $195 billion towards defence capability through to 2026.

Large and variable projects

The industry is experiencing a renewed focus on large scale capability and innovation, with cross industry collaboration at the core of this. This means not only an increase in people needed to deliver projects, but also near endless opportunities. As the industry looks to maximise partnerships and collaboration between Commonwealth and commercial industry businesses, opportunities are opening up left, right and centre.

Expertise and technological heights

Always on the front foot of technology and investment, the knowledge and cutting-edge tech is amazing and it is only going to get better. Government has committed $730 million over the next decade to researching and developing next generation technology. Simultaneously, $5 billion will be funneled into updating communications, security and general IT systems within the same time frame.

Tangible accomplishments

The projects commissioned in Defence Industry are large, long term, and usually have clear outcomes. Working towards a larger goal on mission critical projects in the interest of national safety is nothing but thrilling.

Every industry has its ups and downs, with global trends and multi industry changes sometimes pulling the rug out from under those that work within them. Defence is currently one of the largest growing industries in the country, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With job and industry security being one of the biggest factors when looking for employment, Defence Industry provides an industry environment that is long term, well-funded, meaningful and rampant with opportunity.

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