Relocating to Adelaide for a Defence Role

By Kinexus on 01 February 2018

Relocating To Adelaide

Working within the Defence Sector in Australia, why would you look to Adelaide as a potential location?

In short – Adelaide will be the hub for shipbuilding projects in Australia!

The Projects

There are a vast number of projects that are active in Adelaide, especially from a Naval perspective. Aside from the Land and Aerospace projects underway, we have SEA 1000 (Future Submarines), SEA 1180 (Offshore Patrol Vessels), SEA 4000 (Air Warfare Destroyers) and SEA 5000 (Future Frigates). These projects offer exciting opportunities which will help to enhance your career/skillset, with the opportunity to work on projects from the conceptual design phase, all the way through to the maintenance/sustainment phase.

These projects will not only offer job security but will also offer the opportunity to travel and live overseas if this appeals to you.

The Opportunities

With the amount of work in Adelaide, both currently, and moving forward, there is a great opportunity for you to shape your career the way that you want it to look. This is not only from an engineering perspective but also from the ability to accelerate your career development.

When living in other states, where projects are wrapping up, or aren’t wholly plentiful, it is increasingly difficult to have the capacity to mould your career exactly how you would like. This certainly isn’t the case in Adelaide.

The Companies

Whether it be an SME, a Consultancy, or a Prime, Adelaide offers Defence Sector employees a multitude of opportunities to work for companies of varying size and scale. Whether your choice is to work for an industry leading, larger scale company, offering a strong career path and added bonuses, or to work for an SME where you can really make your mark, Adelaide certainly offers you a multitude of options.

There are also opportunities to develop your skillset in more consultative, or ‘above the line’ roles, with opportunities to work on projects such as SEA 1000 and SEA 5000. Working for an industry leading consultancy will greatly help you to develop different aspects of your career, and will give you a more holistic understanding of the Defence Sector.

The Location

Unlike more populated cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide offers workers a much more relaxed and affordable lifestyle. Also, with the booming Defence Sector in Adelaide, we will see the growth and development of the state as a whole. Salaries are always going to vary depending on your experience, but we are finding that there is focus on attracting the right people with the right experience and that demand will only grow.

In short, the roles in SA will be ones that will help enhance your career, give you international opportunities and potentially be a life changing move both financially and personally.

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