What to Consider Before Applying for a Role Interstate

By Kinexus on 30 August 2018

What To Consider Before Applying For A Role Interstate

Before applying for that great interstate role you saw advertised or expressing your interest in a project located on the other side of Australia, there are a few things you should consider first. Not being prepared for the move and the logistics that come with it can significantly impact your ability to shine as the best candidate for the job.

We often work with people considering a move interstate; sometimes for clear reasons such as to be closer to family or to return home. However, career growth is usually the driver. Be that for a promotion or to be involved in a specific project. With the current defence spend and big exciting projects kicking off across the country the temptation to apply for a role interstate is higher than ever.

Whether you‘re willing to relocate ‘for the right role’ or have a specific project you want to work on, doing your groundwork will help you work out if an interstate opportunity is something you can seriously consider.

Waiting till the last minute to do the maths on the cost of living in a new city and changing your salary expectations won’t look good and won’t set you up to get the employment offer you need.

Doing your groundwork first, will prevent you from wasting your time and that of a potential future employer.

Some key things to consider before you click apply:

1. Salaries

What salary range would you expect for your experience in that location? Generally, within Defence Industry, salaries are consistent across the major cities. So unless you are going for a promotion, the package on offer could be marginally better at best. (For more information on current salaries, check out pages 13-26  in our Defence Industry Insights – Fourth Edition)

2. Family

Do you have children or a family you need to consider? If your partner works, are there suitable employment options for them in their industry in that location? If you make the move before your family, how will that work? Do you have the savings to cover trips home during that period? If the role is a permanent position, it’s unlikely you’ll get a company financed FIFO to help until your family joins you.

3. Cost of living

What is the cost of housing in that location? Will you be paying more or less? Given point one, this is a critical consideration to make.

4. Cost of relocation

A relocation allowance may be available with a new role. But you can’t bank on it. How much will it cost to move and re-setup your life in your new location? If you’re relying on assistance – make this clear up front to avoid any misunderstandings down the road.

5. Timing

When would you be ready to relocate? Look at when your lease expires or how long will it take to get your house on the market. Don’t overlook how much time you’ll need on the ground in your new location to set everything up.

Often candidates fail to consider these until after an interview has taken place; or worse, during the actual interview.

You might feel relocating is a bit of a gamble for you, your prospective employer feels the same.

Relocation considerations should be a part of your application and interview preparation and might be the difference between success and missing out on that great interstate role you’ve been waiting for.

Thinking about relocating? Check out our map of the current and upcoming Defence Sector projects in the latest edition of our Defence Industry Insights.

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