Why You Should Consider a Career in Defence Industry

By Kinexus on 04 October 2018

Why You Should Consider A Career In Defence Industry

There has never been a better time to develop a career in the Defence Industry.

The industry is growing and changing rapidly, with large and exciting projects coming online all the time. With a focus on upgrades, innovation and system integration there will be more jobs available than ever before.

Despite the opportunities this presents, the industry is facing a lack of available talent to deliver on committed projects. As a result, many organisations have started looking outside of Defence Industry to source their workforce.

While you may be concerned your previous experience or skills are not transferable to Defence Industry, some careful adjustment of how you present these will help you appeal to more defence employers.

If you are open to making the switch, here are some steps you can take to demonstrate your value and increase your chances of getting your foot in the door of a new industry.


You can’t target an audience you don’t know or understand. Research the industry and gather intel on key players, major trends and the culture of the sector you are trying to enter. Information on what employers are looking for in their staff and tips on how you should conduct yourself in the new landscape is also valuable. A list of sources include:


It’s best to focus on your significant achievements in previous roles and the steps you took to reach each outcome. Can you identify where you were proactive, reliable, efficient and organised? Did you use project management skills, logistical insight or problem-solving abilities? These are the attributes that defence employers are keen to see.


The best way to show you are a good fit for a Defence Industry role despite a lack of industry experience is to demonstrate what problems you can solve for the employer. Keeping in mind your industry research, focus your application and interview points on what you can do to bridge a gap or fill a hole. To understand the opportunities and challenges a company is facing, conduct targeted company research before applying to tailor your responses.


Your social media presence can connect you with key players in the industry at the click of a button. To bring yourself to the attention of potential employers and demonstrate your interest and knowledge of the industry, tailor your social media profile and be active on sites such as LinkedIn. Follow, like, comment, share and contribute content but remember to remain professional in all your posts.


To assess your interest in a role, many employers will ask why you want a role in their organisation. Your research should have set you up well to answer this, and your reasons for embarking on this career journey in the first place should be fresh in your mind. Focus on responding honestly and professionally.


Organisations across Defence Industry are preparing themselves to integrate candidates from other industries to boost their project delivery workforce. If you have ever considered transitioning into Defence Industry, now is the time to make it a reality. To explore Defence Industry opportunities or to assess whether the move is right for you, get in touch with one of our specialist Defence Industry consultants by calling 02 9492 7500, or sending your resume through to

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