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By Sophie Richards on 02 September 2020

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Here are the current defence projects broken down by state.

Our Defence Industry Insights – Seventh Edition is now available to download. This is our annual defence industry report including all things from salary trends to workforce analysis. Below is one of our favourite images from the Insights. The projects listed are those where significant industry workforces are engaged, or where we anticipate growth in the next 12 months. Some notable additions from last year include the JSF project in NSW, Wedgetail in QLD and LAND 159 in VIC.

This map captures just how busy Australian defence industry really is. Does the project that you are working on or interested in appear on the map? Does your defence organisation have a workforce that needs to be ready to deliver against one or more of these defence industry projects? Take a look below and see.

Eager for more information on defence industry? You can download the complete Defence Industry Insights - Seventh Edition here. A project appendix is available here.


Photo by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash

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