The Defence Industry Land Sector: Here's What You Need To Know

By Sophie Richards on 20 October 2021

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​Whether you are new to the industry or a defence industry veteran, Kinexus’ Defence Industry Insights provides valuable information about what’s going on across the plethora of acquisition and sustainment projects and the key factors affecting the workforce.

In this series of blogs, we take a deep dive into what is going on in each sector. Today we explore one of the fastest growing sectors, the land sector.

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The past 12 months have seen the land sector continue to grow, driven by recently awarded acquisition projects and significant above the line work. This growth trend will continue into 2022.   

LAND 400 Phase 2 is stimulating hiring in the Brisbane area across skill sets including systems, C2/C4i and design engineering, ILS, technical officers and commercial. Projects LAND 200 and LAND 2072 also contribute to keeping the Brisbane workforce busy.  

The VIC market remains extremely busy and has seen hiring across a variety of land projects including LAND 400 Phase 3, LAND 8116, LAND 159 and JP 2060. In what has been a tight market for some time, skill sets such as engineering and PMO are in high demand, as are consulting skills in the above the line sector. 

Adjacent industries are a significant competitor in the land sector as many workers, especially systems engineers, find their skills are well suited to the rail, infrastructure and transport industries.

Within certain locations, such as VIC and QLD, Kinexus has recognised an increased willingness among defence industry employers to accept workers with little or no Defence experience. The integration of workers with vehicle experience from the automotive industry, although small-scale, has so far proved successful.  



In April 2021 we surveyed the defence industry workforce. Here are some key workforce insights for the land sector.

Industry Career Confidence

This chart shows the opinion of the land sector respondents when asked ‘What is your current confidence in defence industry being able to provide you with a long-term career?’

Land sector confidence in long-term defence industry career opportunity is slightly lower than the average. 45% of land sector respondents consider themselves very confident, as opposed to 48% across all sectors.

Employment Changes in the Near Future

This chart shows the opinion of the land sector respondents when asked ‘Are you considering a change in employment in the near future?’

The proportion of land sector respondents who are looking for a new role in the next 12 months is higher than the average across all sectors, at 22% compared to 18%. However, only 11% are actively looking for a new role, compared to 17% of the overall defence industry population.

A significant proportion, 45% of land sector respondents are passively open to opportunities, compared to 39% across all sectors.

Job Satisfaction

This graph displays the opinion of the land sector respondents when asked ‘What has the most impact on your job satisfaction?’ Respondents were asked to select their top five.

The percentages show the proportion of respondents that feel the factors below contribute most to their job satisfaction.

Those in the land sector value interesting work, work life balance and remuneration as the top three factors that contribute to job satisfaction, which is in line with the broader defence industry population across all sectors.

Within the land sector respondents, other included such things as completion of tasks and realisation of outcomes and flexibility, especially with a young family.


Want to know more?

Further insight is available in Kinexus’ Defence Industry Insights – Eighth Edition which is available now to download for free.

For additional insight and to explore what the data means for your hiring activity and your defence industry organisation at large, get in contact with our consultants today.

Image credit: Department of Defence

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