Security Clearances Holders: What are Your Responsibilities?

By Alarna Chivers on 10 April 2024

Security Clearances Holders: What are Your Responsibilities?

​Here at Kinexus, we often get asked many questions regarding the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) security clearances. If you are not sure what a security clearance is check out our blog - What is a Security Clearance?

Whilst the focus is often on how to gain a security clearance, it is essential to be aware of and be willing to uphold the responsibilities of holding a security clearance.

So, what are the current responsibilities of AGSVA security clearance holders? As per the AGSVA website, the responsibilities of a security clearance holder are:

  • Maintain personal behaviour the public would reasonably expect of someone who holds a position of public trust.

  • Avoid the intake of excessive amounts of alcohol.

  • Do not take illegal recreational or non-prescribed prescription drugs.

  • Notify the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) of changes in personal circumstances.

  • Keep up-to-date with security clearance holder requirements.

  • Maintain a standard of behaviour that meets the requirements of holding a security clearance.

  • Cooperate with security clearance assurance activities and undertake required security awareness training.

  • Protect classified information including adherence to the need-to-know principle.

  • Report any suspicious or unusual occurrences in or around the workplace to your agency’s Security Officer/Advisor immediately.

  • Report all adverse changes in personality or suspicious behaviour displayed by work colleagues to your agency’s Security Officer/Advisor or AGSVA immediately.

  • Act with honesty and integrity.

  • Act in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, determinations and comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by a person who has the authority to give it.

  • Perform duties with care, diligence and with adherence to relevant security requirements.

  • Use official information, equipment and facilities in a proper and secure manner.

  • Disclose correct personal information when it is required for official purposes.

  • Disclose and avoid real or apparent conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise.

  • Not take advantage of a position or authority to seek or obtain a benefit or to avoid a liability or penalty.

If you are ever unsure of these responsibilities, we recommend contacting your security officer to ask any questions or request further explanation.

Another thing clearance holders need to ensure is that their new employer registers interest in their clearance if the clearance holder is working a role that requires the use of their clearance.

For more information regarding AGSVA security clearances, check out the AGSVA website.


If you have a security clearance and are looking for a new career move, contact us today!


Photo by Adam J on Unsplash

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