Sector Lead

Mark Henneberry

Job Title: Sector Lead

Team: Aerospace and Land


One thing you bring to your role:

Operator and Operational experience.


What makes the defence industry unique? 

What makes defence unique is the end state. Supporting defence, no matter what part of the industry you are from. Defence has a very defined end state to what the warfighter requires to execute their role effectively and safely. Ensuring that I/ we are able to identify, engage and provide the best qualified and experienced people to build, support and manage capability at the blunt end ensures the success of the warfighter at the sharp end.


What is the best question a candidate can ask an employer?

"What did you like about the previous person that was performing this role?" 

Or if it’s a new role;

"What’s your expectations for the first 100 days in this position?"


Who’s your go-to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

Alice in Chains.