Consultant - Marketing and Projects

Sophie Richards

Job Title: Consultant - Marketing and Projects

Team: Ops


One thing you bring to your role:

I’m the office Grammar Queen (and I love it).


What makes Defence Industry unique? 

The personalities and characters of those that work within it. From super eager graduate engineers, to military veterans with 20 years experience on the front line, to business savvy leaders and everything in between! I love the variety, the need to tailor my approach to each and every person I meet, and the wealth of stories that come from those varied conversations.


What are the biggest mistakes candidates make in an interview? 

Being overly arrogant. Confidence is brilliant, but so is humility. Telling the prospective employer how brilliant you would be for the role and how lucky they are to have interviewed you… that doesn’t go down too well.


What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Travel!! If I could, I’d never stop travelling. There are so many corners of the globe that are on the bucket list… in fact I’m not sure the list would fit in a bucket anymore! Next stop… the trans-Mongolian railway all the way from Beijing to St Petersberg.