Marketing Manager & TFTC Program Manager

Sophie Wright

Job Title: Marketing Manager & TFTC Program Manager

Team: Operations & TFTC


One thing you bring to your role:

I bring 13 years of marketing experience, a passion for customer experience and a whole lot of creative energy that gets poured into our branding, content and the amazing mentoring program we run for women in defence industry.

What is your favourite thing about recruitment?

My favourite thing about working in the recruitment industry is that we get to help people with one of the scariest decisions they have to make. We get to support companies and individuals fit together so they both become better versions of themselves.


What’s one thing that makes a candidate stand out?

In my opinion, what makes a candidate stand out is when they have tailored their resume and cover letter for the job they are applying for. You can see clear as day when someone has taken the extra 10 mins to personalise and tailor an application; it shows character, attention to detail and proactivity.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?
Seafood. I was a tour guide at the Sydney Fish Market in a past life.