Operations Administrator

Olivia Triandafyllakos

Name: Olivia Triandafyllakos

Job Title: Operations Administrator

Team: Operations

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue and why?

If money and time was not an issue, my chosen hobby that I would delve into would be to be a Midwife. Whether that be central to Australia and or if I could be a travelling Midwife to aid other countries that have not as many resources available like we do, would be rewarding and an eye-opening experience.

What are the three key qualities that make a good Operations administrator? 

The best qualities an operations administrator can hold is; strong communication to all internal and external stakeholders, efficient organisational skills and having good attention to detail. Being able to possess these qualities will ensure smooth sailing in the organisation and ultimately make you successful in this position.


What is your number one piece of interview advice?  

My one piece of interview advice other than to ensure you do your research on your decided company, is to remain calm and view the interview process as a getting to know you. Being able to view this process as a general conversation and present your true self to your interviewer, will allow for the company to see if you are a good cultural fit for their team. Organisations want to see the real you!